The conference is expected to provide a unique forum to share the knowledge and experiences on energy efficiency concepts and energy planning as well as education. Key issues, such as understanding theory and practice in the field of energy efficiency, renewable resources, resource efficiency and a use of innovative technologies as well as research and innovation of urban energy planning and energy planning education, including educational tools in higher education and curriculum transformations will be considered. Both, industry and service will be addressed at this conference. Papers based on practical concepts and research will be given a priority. However, papers based on the theoretical concepts on all the areas of energy efficiency and renewable resources are also welcomed.


• Energy planning education and tools

• Flexibility of production, consumption, storage, and conversion of energy

• Observability, controllability and automation of energy distribution networks

• Integrated energy management

• Products and services at the intersection between energy and e-mobility

• Products and services for gas, heat and other supply

• Products and services at the intersection between energy and horizontal fields (enabling technologies, circular economy, internet of things, product value chains, …)

• Rethink the energy efficiency as the first fuel

• Sustainable energy consumption

• Renewable resources

• Energy efficiency